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VoiceBridge Contactless Intercom System for Screens



Have you recently had to install protective screens but you’ve found that they make conversations difficult? Are you looking for a contactless two way intercom system but your budget is limited? If this is the case then the VoiceBridge system is the solution you’ve been looking for.

The VoiceBridge is a hygienic, safe and flexible solution. It provides clear and secure communication through acrylic or plexiglass walls in any environment; from pharmacies to medical practices, small retail outlets to supermarkets, or even visiting boxes in nursing homes. The system comprises of two microphone units which are extra sensitive to allow for large speech distances, eliminating the need to speak louder or to get closer to the microphone itself. The microphones attach to any acrylic or plexiglass screen with double sided adhesive tape, which makes the installation very simple.

These units also have infrared sensors which detect when a user approaches, which means the system is completely hands free, hygienic, and secure. Even if additional hearing barriers (such as face masks) are in use, the microphone units have AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) and noise reduction to supress background noise and enhance the clarity of the communication taking place.

This offers clear speech intelligibility in any environment. The VoiceBridge is perfect for any situation where face to face communication is required, but you need to ensure that the safety of both the staff and the customers is guaranteed.

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