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Trantec S4.04L Lapel Microphone System


The Trantec S4.04L or, to give it its full reference S4.04-L-EB-GD5, is a superb UHF Lapel Microphone System that operates on licence-free frequencies.


The Trantec Carry Case is a perfect add on to keep your system safe during transportation. Although the packaging included with the S4.04L kit does provide a means of transportation it’s just not as rugged as the dedicated carry case.

Operating in the CH70 range of frequencies this unit is licence free in the UK. The CH70 frequency range being between 863.000MHz and 865.000MHz. There is a frequency channel selector on the front of the unit and up to 4 systems can be run together. These frequencies are also comparable to those used on the S4.04-HD System so you can mix and match up to four systems together.

Due to the many possibilities of leads required to connect to your sound system, the kit does not come with any leads. Select your lead from the Microphone Lead section or from the list of associated parts. If you need a specific lead or advice on which lead is best just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

The main audio output from the S4.04-RX Receiver is variable with a variable output with a maximum level of -20dBu. Connection is via a 3-pin balanced XLR and would normally be used to connect to a mixer or amplifier using a microphone input. Alternatively there is an unbalanced 1/4″ jack output, or 6.3mm in metric terms, which has a level of up to +10dBu and this would normally be used to connect into a line level, often called ‘Aux’, input on your audio equipment.

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