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Trantec HM-66 (MIC-X66-BK) Aerobic Headset – Black (4-Pin Mini-XLR Connector)



The Trantec HM66 (MICTX66BK) is a sweat-resistant Aerobic Headset Microphone; ideal for sports and aerobic environments. The MIC-TX66-BK variant has a black gooseneck and the lead is terminated in a 4-pin mini XLR connector.

Thanks to its robust construction the MIC-TX66-BK can withstand the rigours of everyday life in a sports facility, which also makes it ideal for a long service life in general applications too. The microphone has a built in resistance to moisture allowing to be used in those sweaty aerobic, and other high intensity fitness sessions.

The microphone position can be easily manipulted to ensure maximum comfort and quality of audio. The broadcasted vocal is further helped by the supercardioid pick-up pattern of the microphone head which allows direct vocals to be picked up without any problem but helps reject noise from the room and reduce the chance of feedback.


  • Max SPL: 125 dB
  • Cable Length: 1500 mm
  • Current Consumption: 50uA
  • Connector: 4-pin mini XLR Plug
  • Opening Voltage: 2-10V min/max
  • Frequency Response: 60 Hz – 16 kHz @ +3 dB
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