TOA WM-D5300 UHF Digital Beltpack Transmitter (G01/CH38)


The TOA WMD5300 UHF Digital Beltpack Transmitter (G01 – CH38), operates in the UHF band between 606 – 636MHz, band G01 (Channel 38). This unit will need a licence for UK use. Up to 32 channels can run simultaneously thanks to the digital true diversity system. In a price band of this product you’re unlikely to get a better deal.

The belt pack transmitter does not come with a microphone so you’re going to need a YP-M5310 or YP-M5300 depending on if you need a Cardioid Directional Pickup Pattern or a Omnidirectional Pattern. The system will have an audio bandwidth of 100 Hz – 12 kHz, so speech clarity will be superb. Choices of battery are either a good quality AA alkaline or you can use the TOA WB-2000 battery pack then use the BC-2000 Charging Dock to make sure the microphone is ready to go when you need it most.

Don’t forget the BC-2000 needs a power supply too; the TOA AD-5000-2 is made for this. No need to worry about when to change the batteries as the system employs an easy use 3 stage indication system. Green light means we’re good to go for up to 8 hours, orange means we’re running low and red means you should change or charge batteries as soon as possible. Switching on and off is easy thanks to the accessible power switch and more advanced options can be found under the battery cover.

More advanced settings include bank selection, channel selector, microphone sensitivity selector, encryption setting switch with status indicator, and a ‘code setting control’ that prevents interference between channels sharing the same frequency. The outer body is a black coated ABS resin with the windshield being made from coated steel.

Black ABS finish looks great and the compact size of 62mm x 171mm by 19mm means it’ll easily fit into your pocket or you could even use the TOA WH-4000P beltpack for convenient storage. For those you you still using imperial the size of this product is about 2½ ” x 6¾” by ¾”. The unit only weighs about 90g too.

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