TOA WM-D5200 UHF Digital Handheld Microphone (G01/CH38)


The TOA WMD5200 UHF Digital Handheld Microphone (G01 – CH38), operates in the UHF band between 606 – 636MHz so it is on band G01 or Channel 38. This band needs a licence to operate but is a more professional solution. Using digital true diversity operation provides improved reception allowing up to 32 channels of simultaneous broadcast – now that’s truly amazing from a product in this price range.

The handheld microphone has a condenser head and, for all you techies, it has an audio response of 100 Hz – 12 kHz resulting in superb intelligibility. There’s no unsightly antenna thanks to the total concealment of the aerial within the body of the microphone. The WM-D5200 can operate for up to 8 hours from a single AA battery or the TOA WB-2000 Battery Back combined with the BC-2000 Charging Dock and AD-5000-2 PSU, ensures that you won’t be hunting around for batteries any event. The easy to use microphone with a ‘traffic light’ type status for battery condition.

The three stage system uses a tri-colour LED that shows green for good battery condition, orange means you need to recharge or replace and red means that you really are running out and immediate battery replacement or recharge is required. There’s an easy accessibly microphone switch on the exterior microphone for the basic ON/OFF operation and there’s further controls available under the hand grip for advanced setup and function selection.

Advanced options include: bank selection, channel selector, microphone sensitivity selector, encryption setting switch with status indicator, and a ‘code setting control’ that prevents interference between channels sharing the same frequency. The outer body is a black coated ABS resin with the windshield being made from coated steel. The overall microphone dimensions are ø47 × 239.5 mm (ø1.85″ × 9.43″ for you imperial users) and the whole thing weighs only 220g, including the battery.

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