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TOA UHF 4000/5000 Series Retune Service

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TOA UHF 4000/5000 Series Retune Service:

We can retune your TOA Radio Microphone Systems to ensure they’re legal for use in the UK. Just complete the checkout and send them to us. This price is for a single item, not a system. A single receiver and transmitter is 2 items – the more you send the cheaper it gets!

The recent changes to TV Transmission from analogue-to-digital impacted the legality of Radio Microphone usage within the UK. TV signals used to be broadcast on frequencies between 470MHz and 854MHz with Radio Microphones coming in just after that between 854MHz up to 863MHz. When the analogue TV signal ceased, the frequency bands were sold off for use by communication companies to broadcast high speed internet connections to mobile telephones. The sell off included the Radio Microphone frequencies between 854MHz and 863MHz; which resulted in those frequencies now being illegal for use.

If your microphone is transmitting on a frequency between 854.000MHz and 862.999MHz then it’s an old channel 69 unit which is illegal for use in the UK. If your microphone has a small sticker stating CH69 or D02 then it will also be illegal.

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