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PF58 Portable Desk Microphone Reflexion Filter


About the PF58 Portable Desk Microphone Reflexion Filter: Compact Acoustic Screen for Microphone Shielding; i

deal for home studios, podcasting and rehearsal studios

A good clean microphone signal is essential for any recording or broadcast to be intelligible for the listener. If you’re recording for a client or trying to get people to subscribe to your podcast then you need to make sure your audio is top quality This simple desktop acoustic screen will help you do just that. It can be mounted on mini tripod mic stand or metal table isolator. The compact and lightweight design has been developed to improve voice recording quality in home studios, rehearsal studios or other untreated acoustic locations, isolating the mic from unwanted reflections – resulting in a closer, drier sound. The PF58′ features are as follows

  • Tripod Stand included
  • Compact and Lightweight
  • Helps create a crisper sound
  • Designed to improve voice quality in small studios
  • Suitable for podcasting or small studio vocal recordings

Technical Specifications include

  • Item priced per: 1
  • Packaging: Picture Box
  • Product EAN: 5021196733287
  • Gross Weight (Packaged): 0.91 kg
  • Display Footprint: 210 x 305 x 135mm
  • Transport Dimensions: 210 x 305 x 135mm
  • Packaged Dimensions (H x W x L): 210 x 305 x 135mm
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