Big Mic Ball


This Big Mic Ball is designed to be used with your existing equipment, and as such DOES NOT COME WITH A MICROPHONE

Handing a Handheld Microphone around at a conference or an event is a pain. Add some fun to your event and throw a Big Mic Ball instead! Not confident that the Big Mic Ball will keep your mic safe? Call us on 0191 4144241 for free advice or for recommendations if you need a Lapel Microphone System to use with your Big Mic Ball.

Make sure you tell people to speak into the black area on the ball – that’s where your lapel microphone head will be safely secured inside the Big Mic Ball.  The next question people usually have is “Why does it cost so much if it doesn’t have a microphone in it already?” If you imagine a typical washing up sponge, what would happen if you tried to speak with one over your mouth? You would probably sound muffled and distorted.

The housing for the microphone is manufactured with specially designed acoustic foam, which is very expensive to manufacture – just take a look at the cost of a good quality Windshield for example.

The foam insert on the Big Mic Ball is large enough to hold and secure a Wireless Beltpack Transmitter, hence the increased cost. If you need a microphone to use with your Big Mic Ball then please bear in mind that different sound systems have different input requirements. So, if you do need advice regarding what would work with your setup you can contact our sales team at

Product Features:

  • Made in Britain
  • Perfect microphone placement everytime
  • Throwable ball for microphones at events
  • Made from the same material as a stress ball
  • Universal fitment for any belt pack transmitter
  • Add fun to your events and make people smile
  • Universal compatibility with any Tie Clip Microphone
  • Helps improve gain by getting the microphone into the correct position


The Big Ball Mic makes audience interaction fun and convenient. If you’ve ever been in charge of a sound system at an event or conference you’ll know how much of a pain it is to have the audience pass around a microphone so they can take part in a discussion or ask the presenter a question.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just throw a microphone round the room instead? The Big Mic Ball is a innovative product that allows you to insert a standard Wireless Beltpack Transmitter and a tie clip lavalier microphone safely within a robust housing. The ball is made from the same material used in stress balls so it’s great for impact resistance when it’s being thrown from person to person and the flexibility increases means it won’t simply break on impact.

The microphone bung is acoustically transparent so there’s no reduction in audio quality when the Big Mic Ball is used. It’s so easy to setup and even easier to use so it’s a win win for everyone involved. The event sound engineer can do everything they need to before the event and the conference audience will instinctively use the product correctly with very little prompting from any technical staff. The best person to get audience participation on the go is the person on the stage.

This is normally the case and when a question comes from audience engagement there’s be a runner, or two, running around with microphones or standing with a cumbersome fishpole and microphone arrangement. Well not anymore, now the presenter can just pick up this throwable microphone solution and chuck it into the audience. The person catching the Big Mic Ball will instantly be more relaxed thanks to the informality that the whole process embodies and will therefore be more willing to get involved with the event.

Whilst conferences and events are the first things that spring to mind, there are so many other potential uses too. So many spring to mind but there’s no room on the website to list them all! Schools for example. How cool would it be for the primary school play to include one of these? No more grimacing from the teachers as they tell the kids to hold the microphone properly, pass it on nicely and don’t drop it! This takes all that away by having a clearly marked area to speak into and a lovely tactile device for the wireless microphone to be used by the kids.

So, to summarise, for the sound engineer you simply unplug the black bung in the ball, pop in your beltpack transmitter, position the microphone head, switch it on and complete your sound checks, put the black bung back in the ball then sit back and let the audience do all the running about for you. Users have the most fun of course by simply speaking into the black bung then chuck the microphone to the next person without any concerns of damaging the microphone or hurting the person on the receiving end.

Available in many colours, the Big Mic Ball is a fun product that can blend in with your corporate or event colours, but fundamentally it’s an important piece of equipment to improve sound quality and keep expensive microphones safe even in the clumsiness of hands.


Step 1: Prepare your microphone; remove the beltpack clip, tie clip and windshield.

Step 2: Make sure the microphone is plugged into the transmitter.

Step 3: Push the microphone head into the hole in the black pull out core (make sure it sits just beneath the surface).

Step 4: Wrap the excess cable around the beltpack transmitter but don’t put too much strain on the connector.

Step 5: Switch on the transmitter and place it into the holder.

Step 6: Push the black core into the Big Mic Ball.

Step 7: Test the sound and make any adjustments.

Step 8: Grab a coffee and let the audience do your job for you.

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