Audio Technica AT8131 Miniature Foam Windscreen for AT829


The Audio Technica AT8131 is a Miniature Foam Windshield, created exclusively for the AT829, and to protect your microphone from unwanted noise or damage.

Despite the name, windshields aren’t just for use outside – they also help if the microphone user is breathing too heavily or if the microphone is being hit by plosives. That’s not a typo by the way! Plosives are the little blasts of air that come out with the pronunciation of “P’s” and “B’s”.

The Audio Technica AT8131 is ideal for use with the Audio Technica AT829, the AT803, the AT831 or the PRO70. It may also be suitable for other similarly sized microphones as well, although it may not provide a precise fit.



  • External: 23 mm L; 18 mm W
  • Internal: 7 mm Ø Opening; 11 mm D
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