Microphone Retune Information

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If you don’t want to read all of the info below then basically we can retune your TOA radio microphone systems so they’re legal for use in the UK. Just complete the checkout and send them to us. This price is for a single item, not a system. A single receiver and transmitter is 2 items – the more you send the cheaper it gets. No doubt you’ve heard that radio microphone licensing legislation has changed and frequencies from the old channel 69 (CH69) range are now illegal for use in the UK. This includes all frequencies on radio microphones that fall between 854.00MHz up to and including 862.99MHz.

If you’re wondering why this happened it is all to do with the digital changeover that happen whereby you lost all those old analogue TV channels. The frequencies occupied by those TV channels used to include CH21 up to CH68 and when they were sold off it included the slightly higher CH69 frequency that were in use for licence free radio microphone transmission. The now vacant channels are soon to be used for the transmission of digital services for mobile broadband such as 4G etc.

The radio microphones on channel 69 were very popular and none more so than the 4000 series and 5000 series units from TOA. This included the following models:

UHF Receiver Units

TOA WT-4800/5/10
TOA WT-5800/5/10
TOA WTU-4800/5800

UHF Belt Pack Transmitters

TOA WM-4300/10
TOA WM-5320/5

UHF Hand Held Microphones

TOA WM-4200/10/20
TOA WM-5210/20/25

The use of TOA radio microphones is popular in a vast array of venues including theatres, schools, clubs, pubs and community halls but one of the most popular places was within houses of worship. Irrespective of religious belief the TOA range was very popular in churches, mosques, cathedrals, gurdwara’s, monasteries, synagogue, temples, shrines, Kingdom Halls …. the list is endless! No matter what your place of worship or other venue if you have a UHF TOA radio microphone then you may very well need our help.

How Do You Know If You Need Our Help?

If your microphone is on a channel 69 frequency then you need it modified. TOA have provided an easy means for you to check your system. If you look on the bottom of the receiver there will be a small silver sticker showing the model number of the unit; just after the model number there will be another letter and two numbers. If these are D02 then you have an illegal unit, if it is D04 then you have a newer unit. If your unit has been modified it may have a larger white sticker denoting D04, this will also be legal. If you can’t easily get to the receiver have a look for the sticker on the hand held or belt pack transmitter. This will be on the back, bottom or under the battery cover.

What Shall I Do If I Have A DO2 Microphone?

Don’t despair, we can retune your TOA D02 microphone to the latest D04 frequencies. Here’s how:

1. Carefully disconnect the receiver unit(s) from the amplifier. It may be worth marking the cables for future reference.
2. Gather up the corresponding transmitter unit(s).
3. Parcel up the units in a good secure box with plenty of packaging to protect the equipment.
4. Complete the transaction on our website for the retune service.
5. Write down your invoice number on the outside of the box.
6. Send the item to our fully equipped workshop facility:
Blaydon Communications Limited
Factory Road
Tyne and Wear
NE21 5RY
7. Sit back and relax. We will do the rest and return your item to you via our fast courier service.

We can also arrange to do your unit(s) on site or have the units collected from you if you can’t disconnect and parcel them up. There would be additional charges for these services.
If you’re in doubt about anything to do with the radio microphone changes and wether or not we can help just give us a call on 0191 4144241 or drop us an email to service@blaydoncomms.co.uk and we’ll be happy to help.